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Option Plans


  OPTION 1: Preventative Maintenance Framework


Whether you want to manage your own home maintenance or hire Essential Home Maintenance to manage it for you, starting with the Preventative Maintenance Framework is important. EHM will send out a service technician and home maintenance manager to conduct a thorough external and internal inspection of the home.  The home manager will upload all the data collected in your home including any photos or documents to our home management software.  You can access the information online or through a mobile app that sends you notifications when a project or task is due as well as contact information. For additional information regarding our preventative maintenance framework, click here.


OPTION 2: Preventative Maintenance Subscription Program


Our monthly subscription-based program includes a service technician and/or Home Manager to conduct monthly maintenance, inspections, tests, repairs, part replacements, and cleaning to head off problems before they occur.

In addition, Essential Home Maintenance provides a dedicated home manager to oversee scheduling, contractors, estimates, invoicing, and reporting so you don’t have to.  For additional information about our subscription program and monthly checklist, click here.


OPTION 3:  Value Added Services


Essential Home Maintenance has a wide network of trade and craftspeople, all of whom are licensed, fully insured, pre-qualified and offer preferred pricing. Whatever your maintenance and repair needs give us a call. We provide a dedicated home manager to schedule and oversee projects providing safe, secure, and private record keeping.  For more information on our Value Added Services, click here.

Home Maintenance Budgeting
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