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Home Repair & Improvement Services

Looking for a Concierge Home Remodeling Service?

Throughout the year, our home management team offers homeowners customized services including staff management (housekeeping, gardeners, pool contractors etc.), home watch services when out of town, and personal assistant services. Most notably Custom Home Maintenance (CHM) provides all of our clients with a tailored preventative maintenance plan, which often includes larger-scale repairs or improvement work.   


Once our clients are presented with their home’s maintenance plan, they will often ask our home manager to take on the extra tasks associated with repairs or improvement work. Our answer is always an emphatic yes - after all, we are your one-stop solution to home management.  


What’s Included?

If you are looking for qualified representation during a home renovation, our home management team has over twenty years of experience directing home remodel projects and working with contractors, interior designers, architects, and engineers.    


When you hire CHM to manage a home project, you are guaranteed the presence of a dedicated home manager whenever work is being done in your home by a third-party group (plumber, electrician, painter, etc.) Additionally, your personal home manager will provide the following services:


  • 100% project oversight 

  • Manage contractors’ schedules, estimates, invoices, and negotiations

  • Quick response and clear communication 

  • Access to preferred project managers 

  • Consolidated Invoicing

  • Access to our fully insured and licensed contractors

  • In-house vendor scheduling

  • Access to preferred scheduling 

  • Safe, secure, and private record-keeping

  • Access to preferred pricing 

  • And more


Cost depends on the contractors’ rates. With that said, because we are constantly balancing the need to offer competitive pricing while also providing high-end results, we work with a list of pre-screened, qualified service partners on project work. 


Because we work with them regularly, CHM clients are given preferred pricing, which allows us to manage the work for you while remaining competitive. We do not up-charge our clients above a contractor estimate. Our contractors are vetted, licensed, and insured. 


Our goal is to take the burden of the project off your shoulders and guarantee you exceptional work.


How much does the home repair/improvement service cost? 


Our home managers are paid at an hourly rate when overseeing home repair & improvement projects. Because we have access to preferred pricing through our pre-selected vendors, we can keep pricing competitive and affordable. Our service is 100% added value to you as we do not inflate contractor pricing or upcharge.  Should we say something here that we do not inflate contractor pricing or upcharge?


Do I have to hire CHM to create a framework plan before using your project management service? 


Because management of this type requires an intimate understanding of a home, completing a framework maintenance plan is necessary prior to project management work, whether you manage the maintenance yourself or we manage it for you.

Can I choose to use my own service providers? 


Absolutely, we can work with any contractor of your preference. Just give us the contact information and we can take it from there!


Get in Touch

22647 Ventura Blvd Box 800

Woodland Hills, CA 91364




Today, Custom Home Maintenance manages a growing list of homes, providing its clients with the comfort and security of knowing their home's value and investment are being protected. We make it a priority to be transparent with you every step of the way and we never up-charge above repair and maintenance estimates. Contact us today!

Thanks for reaching out!

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